A Lifestyle Shoot is about photography that reflects your personalities and lives. Remember the fun you had as a child, just playing with your friends, not a care in the world and wide eyed at every new discovery? Well, it’s time to do it again… though hopefully without grazing your knee or ruining your favourite shirt!

We want to help you take photos of day to day life; of family and friends, and make them photos that you will want to keep forever.

Many of our previous students have gone on to make their favourite photos into gifts by putting them onto photo phone cases, cushions or even a small keyring.

If you are looking to create your own phone case with a selection of your images, visit this page.

All you have to do here is select your phone, select the model and choose your preferred template. The creation process is simple and easy and is designed to create the perfect phone case.

photo lesson

A lifestyle shoot with The Active Web Magazine takes you out into the great outdoors for an energising open-air photo session in flattering natural light.

No rigid set ups, not that much structure to be aware of, and no timetables please. Just you, your family and friends, and Robert capturing it all as it unfolds. You’ll see a subtle, infectious magic in every picture.

Can I purchase digital files?

Yes of course you can. I understand how important it is to have the flexibility of a digital archive, so a complete set of digital images from your session is available for purchase, or comes as part of some packages.

Fashion as a concept differs somewhat drastically from one culture to the next, not to mention from one person to the next. The idea of fashion is not only changed as a result of an individual’s demographic origins as well as their ethnic origins, but also by their social and financial standing. This is only practical, as it is not logical for a low income individual to require high cost fashion items. But regardless, fashion transcends such boundaries. Anyone can look good, with a little effort.


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